Hand in hand worldwide for a good climate

Every day one action.

We have to do something now! Everybody, Hand in hand worldwide.

Each mark, if you did something for our good climate, register please here, so that everyone can see, how many humans already went through. Thank you.

Go only once the week shopping, by forming a weekly supply.

Form communities of purchase with your neighbors and the friends.

Take for buying own material bags or purchase baskets.

Buy beverages in pledge bottles instead of in disposable bottles.

Choose energy efficient appliances when making new purchases.

Buy one day only freshness and little finished food (fresh vegetable, salad, etc..)

Buy in the nearest supermarket.

Eine Welle aus Licht, Liebe und Frieden geht um die Welt

Wann immer wir ein wenig Zeit haben, setzen oder legen wir uns hin und begeben uns visuell an einen Ort wo wir uns wohlfühlen. Wir bemerken den Wind der uns sanft berührt, die Geräusche um uns herum und die sanften Strahlen der Sonne.

Pray for a good climate.

Klimaflüchtlinge im Südpazifik | Global 3000

Practice to Meditation for a good climate.

Take 5 minute time and visualize yourselves in a beautiful nature in a marvelous climate.