Hand in hand worldwide for a good climate

Every day one action.

We have to do something now! Everybody, Hand in hand worldwide.

Each mark, if you did something for our good climate, register please here, so that everyone can see, how many humans already went through. Thank you.

Car: Form driving communities for the travel to the work, to the school, etc..

Car: Avoid strong braking, by prematurely taking the foot of the accelerotor pedal.

Car: One day wake up in former times and drive more slowly at work.

One day settle as much as possible ways to foot or by bicycle.

Das Auto stehen lassen, zu Fuß gehen, Rad fahren, eine Monatskarte für den Bus kaufen und wann immer es geht mit Bus und Bahn fahren.

Wenn möglich mit dem Fahrrad zur Arbeit Fahren

Car: Examine times again the tire pressure.

One day buy only food without or with small packing.

One day with everything which you buys take care on little packing.

One day buy everything or a large part of the food from the region.

One day buy food from biological cultivation.

Today, buy only things, you realy need.