Hand in hand worldwide for a good climate

Every day one action.

We have to do something now! Everybody, Hand in hand worldwide.

Each mark, if you did something for our good climate, register please here, so that everyone can see, how many humans already went through. Thank you.

If you have a balcony or a yard, adorn it with green and flowering plants.

Eat more vegetables and salad than meat.

Spend 5 minutes using as little electricity as possible.

Dachvermietung für Solaranlagen lohnt sich auch 2012?

One day dry your laundry outdoors.

One day don’t cook.

One day take very less wather for your shower.

Today think about solar energy


Vacate the dirty table-ware directly without hot washing by hand into the dishwasher.

Use when cooking the remainder warmth, by switching off the hotplate prematurely.

Switch the light on only if you really need it.