Hand in hand worldwide for a good climate

Every day one action.

We have to do something now! Everybody, Hand in hand worldwide.

Each mark, if you did something for our good climate, register please here, so that everyone can see, how many humans already went through. Thank you.

CO2-Emissionen kompensieren
Nicht vermeidbare CO2-Emissionen, die z.B. durch das Heizen der Wohnnung oder nicht vermeidbare PKW-Nutzung entstehen, durch Förderung eines zertifizierte Klimaschutzprojektes in einem Entwicklungsland ausgleichen. Damit leistet man einen wichtigen und unmittelbaren B

One day switch off the air conditioning system - also in the car.

Do not leave appliances on standby. Use the 'on/off' function on the machine itself.

Defrost old fridges and freezers regularly.

Cover your pots while cooking water

Employ dishwasher and washing machine only if they are optimally loaded.

Wash your face and hands with cold water

When did you take one shower for the last time with cold water?

Put on a compost in your garden, if possible.

Use recycling paper.

Cook one time a court with completely freshness added.

Plant a tree.